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The Birth and Life of a Human Soul


Note: I will convey my writing in first person – because I too am a soul. This Treatise about the life of a soul is written from the soul’s perspective, not from an incarnate point of view. Note: This is a “living” document. I will be constantly be changing and upgrading the content as more information is given or shown where to look for it. Note: Dr. Michael Newton, using theta level Hypnotherapy, summarized over 7,000 patient/case studies for his “Life Between Lives” books, discussing examples of clients journeys of physical death, ascending to the Spirit Realm, and then being born to their present incarnation. The first book focuses on patients (younger souls) who are truly experiencing issues in their incarnation, and the process of incarnation. The second book broadens the experiences of soul life in the spirit realm as the subject is more client than patient and a little more evolved. (1)Michael Newton. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives; case 25 (2)Abstractly using Michael Newton. Destiny of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives; case 26-three paragraphs following reference(1)


I AM THAT I AM – Exodus 3:14 – Understanding that before the Alpha (Beginning) and after the Omega (End) there exists a composite energy that is larger than the physical universes as we know them, and it is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. I call this energy The Creator or The Source. Religions, spiritually focused entities, and others may refer to this Infinite Energy as GOD, El, Ehyeh, Theos, Deus, or some equivalent aspiration of The Deity. All matter, organic and geologic, from an organelle / quark to a universe exists processes and evolvement that was not pure random but involved some level of creation or organized evolution. The initial energy, you can bet your own sweet vibration , originated from Source’s plasma of Unconditional Love Energy Pool. Beautifully expressed by Burach Spinoza, who said, “All the cosmos is a single substance of which we are a part. God is not an external manifestation, but everything that is.” Yet another example: God / Source is an infinite blanket of Unconditional Love and the cosmos, and all matter including US are the threads of the blanket. The simplest way to perceive Source’s Unconditional Love Plasma is to think of the Star Wars’ movies and “The Force” as the spirituality of the universes and the ocean as our physical environment.  WE ARE – The Universes, Dimensions, All Matter, All Life, are part of  ONE.  The Plasma of Unconditional Love of the One / Source is inclusive of the ALL. Not I AM but WE ARE.   


Religion and Prophets

Religion and spirituality are intertwined but quite different. … However, as it is understood today, spirituality gives the individual autonomy over his or her interpretation of the soul or spirit, whereas religion implies participation in a communal practice and interpretation of divine belief and worship. Prophets, like Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, etc. who simply preached Peace, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love never founded a religion. It was their followers who created religions. These Prophets are undoubtedly conjunct now with the One Consciousness but still maintain an identity because of their followers.

There exists another set of incarnates that are gifted with a certain knowledge as Clairvoyants. They can meditate skillfully naturally, or through a deeper mediation, put their human brain on pause, and call on their super consciousness (spirit world soul), and hear, see, feel, or all three the Masters, guides, angels, relatives, friends of theirs, and their clients.

Let’s Start at our Beginning —— Birth

A statement from a Subject in deep theta hypnosis, “A sensation of movement. In the beginning there is an outward migration of our soul energy from the SOURCE. There is an explosive release.” (1) I call this “The sparking”, also called hatching or spawning. Thus, we are born. We are a photonic EM energy, imperceptible mass, approximate vibration is cosmic, and initially our Spirit color is of a dirty white snowball.

We are encased in a gold sac and a blue-violet glow with a silver umbilical (genesis), still remaining, of the SOURCE energy mass. The energy mass we came from is a deep violet as far into it as can be seen, basically Eternity. Pulsating / undulating Unconditional Love energy mass that will extend out a swelling of the new soul. Several at once. No two alike. The energy mass at that point is a multi-colored blue, yellow, white.

A Nursery Specialist Spirit opens our sac, drying our wet energy by immediately enveloping us in a hug of unconditional love and through the nursery spirit comes a life force of all-knowing love and knowledge; the essence of a beginning. It involves instilling thoughts of what we are and what we can become. We are all unique, eternal and immortal. (2)

Hence the rest of our lives, eternity, think about that!! – eternity! – are spent moving inward … toward cohesion and the uniting, to become part of the One Consciousness – Conjunction.

So We Begin

As we begin to show signs of Self and initiate a personality, our Nursery Mother will reinforce those elements, already existing, of personality, strengths, and traits to help us start maturation and realize Self before leaving the nursery.

At this point I might add: Time as we know it on earth does not exist in the Spirit realm!!!! If you read time into the Spirit world it is because that is the easiest way to convey an event, expressing it as an earth time. But there is no such thing as time in the Spirit world. Think about this – earth time so far is about 4.5 billion years old, in possibly another 4 – 5 billion years it will burn up being too close to the Sun. But the only Time is NOW time. Everything is happening simultaneously.

Many theorist’s, Einstein, Feynman, and Hawking, believed this. They all know for sure now as they are all in the spirit realm. And for sure. As Spirits we can look at eternity simultaneously, even before we were born. From beginning to end.

Earth or any physical time movement can be viewed or visited in segment, similar to going to or participating in a play or movie, including our/your present life. This is your first indication about Source or spirit existence vs some physical matter time (like Earth).

We can pick any “movie” we want during the earth-life timeframe and incarnate. Maybe not in a standard human body, or during the Jurassic age, or as the earth draws too close to the sun. Or 5000 years from now if we’ve destroyed habitability. But we can evaluate it and decide.

I haven’t talked about it yet but Source has also provided us with free will.

WE are not exactly unique

Before I begin our journey as human souls, I should explain. Soul birthing happens and has happened in other locations. Even other universes and dimensions. Realize that we are fortunate if we have the traits that allow us to eventually go to earth. Trillions of souls in other systems only go to mental worlds or only after thousands of mental lives evolve enough to go to a physical world. But earth is considered the hardest planet to go to and the energies are so dense it is like traversing in a dense fog in comparison. The reason the energy on earth is so dense is due to our earthly vibration. Vibrations vary on earth but are quite low in this physical realm versus as we evolve and become closer the Source our vibration(s) become higher (faster) and higher (faster).

Discussion of Vibration – are electrons moving back and forth or oscillating around a point of origin or between an excited state (positive energy) and negative (ground-0 energy). Earth physical representation of the reference to measure vibration is the atomic number cesium 133’s electron vibration when stimulated by another vibration or frequency. Higher states or dimensions also vibrate much faster than activities on earth. For this booklet I will use vibration = frequency – just two different expressions of the same principle. Vibration of a person, soul, or dimension.

Other dimensions (we are in the physical, 3rd) 4th, 5th (most of our spirit group reside here when not incarnate), 6th, 7th, and higher vibrate with a more profound vibration as well as higher and different vibration states.

Novice or Beginner

As novices, initially we are isolated, loved, and given reassuring energy as to who we are and Self. And soon we are moved to a small group with similar personalities. I might add, if we have ability enough to eventually go to earth, this is good. While not necessarily more enlightened, we are better positioned for wider assignments of responsibility as we start evolving back to the One.

Our decisions are initially made for us and preparations for Incarnations.
Incarnate?!! Whoa, why should I do that ?!!
We “tool” around the Spirit world for a while, then are usually sent to an uninhabited physical or immature mental world and only partially materialize to get a feel for transitioning to a different state. We will remain innocent and repeat this a couple of times.

At an early appropriate time, we will be assigned to a soul group with anywhere from just a few souls to maybe 15 to 20 souls having general characteristics as ourself. Then it really begins.

Time to lose a little innocence and incarnate.

A mature evolved Spirit Guide will evaluate our skill set and the human to match us to and decide the “earth movie” time frame and Homo sapien capability to whom we can integrate with.

For our souls to leave the spirit world and integrate with a human, the human must posses certain brain qualities – a frontal lobe that includes a pre-frontal cortex, neocortex, and temporal lobes, all for metacognition that will enable Awareness of Self, sentience, reason, and also house the Pineal gland that sits in the center, not left or right.

Usually our early incarnations are with humans near the beginning of being civilized. We will still “blow” our innocence but things won’t get too complicated. Let’s discuss why we would want to incarnate in the first place when we can just “tool” around heaven through eternity. We won’t learn or evolve, thus never reach the One Consciousness and merge again with Source.

Important!! We can be told, but unless we experience, we won’t know!

We can be told how to drive a car but until we are behind the wheel operating the wheel and foot pedals, we don’t know how to drive. So, we must incarnate to experience all the emotions, overcome those emotions and learn and embrace Unconditional Love. The really big ones are understanding the Law of Reciprocity (the Golden Rule), hate, total forgiveness, and learning all the emotions of love. Unconditional Love! And, of course, realization that everything, including each other are part of The One and One Consciousness. We will continue to incarnate till all our lessons are accomplished and the only emotion we have left and are is Unconditional Love and living by the one element of the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. THIS IS ALL THERE IS!!

Let’s talk a more physiology. The Spirit Universe is principally Photonic energy, including the Soul and the Chakra (and its aura’s). Both types.

The (everyone’s) soul is an electromagnetic photonic energy with imperceptible mass. We have a resonant frequency (vibration) unique to ourselves. We change that frequency as we evolve and also when we change realms, locations, and universes. So, when we incarnate we will lower our vibration (emf) to be in concert with the embodiment we will meld with.

Discussing initially our first couple of incarnations, our guide will advise us the body we will enter our new mother through the heart (4th chakra) and then migrate and merge to the fetus. We enter the fetus through the soft spot in the head and settle in the Soul Seat immediately behind the heart and next to the Heart Chakra . As novice’s we will be told to do this around the 17th week of the Mother’s pregnancy. Assuming a normal pregnancy, where by then sufficient synapse’s have formed in the baby’s brain and the pineal gland has formed.

What no one ever discusses, because this a taboo subject for Physics oriented human souls and Spiritually minded human souls are generally not technical enough to stand up to scientists. The actual quantum physics explanation, is for the soul-spirit to change some of our photon energy into mass and physically integrate with our human body and upon human body death leave the body and wholly return to pure photon spirit state.

The process is called Pair Production and Pair Annihilation. Simplistically some of our photon energy collides with an orbiting electron and transforms that energy into electron and positron (in the nucleus) pairs. Thus we CREATE matter from massless energy. When it is time to go home, we have completed our lesson plan or helped those who we contracted to help, we reverse the process and cause electron-positron pairs to collide, regain our photon energy with our existing photon energy, become whole with what we came to earth with and zoom, if you will, Home.

It is fairly accepted that the soul exits through the crown chakra, and I believe we enter the human somewhere between 4th month and 8th month The first Chakra starts forming at the end of the second trimester (Root  – Muladhara Chakra) is considered to ground us to earth. The first three chakras have both Physical and Photon energy.  The second, third, etc start forming about a month apart and by the first 28 to 30 weeks the first five chakras are formed. 

Prior to going into the mother and baby in a normal pregnancy – and before we leave the spirit realm we have had discussions with our guides, our friends and soul group we will go through life with, mother, father, siblings, possible mates, and friends of influence and learning. They too have lesson plans and so we all give and take so all souls are satisfied.

Next we visit a “Holodeck – think Star Trek” and undergo simulations of possible life stories. Dr. Newton’s studies refer to this area as “The Ring of Destiny” and screening room. There we view possible choices and decisions that will impact our lesson plan for an incarnation.

We have the ability to partition ourselves and be involved in multiple activities. The more spiritually evolved we are in determining how diverse we will be and what projects we may undertake. However, 10% of ourselves always stays at Home but when it is that small we are at rest and basically dormant.

Think about Ascended Master and Lord Jesus the Christ, he can be in as many places as he needs or wants to be. He is already part of The One Consciousness and has all the energy to be where he is called to be. Our goal is to become that spiritually evolved.

As we prepare for an incarnation we will designate how much of our energy to take. When we are young our Guide will recommend taking 90%, but we do have free will, but most of us will take our Guides advice. As we grow older, more mature, and hopefully wiser – we will reduce the amount to between 75% and about 35% depending on the depth of our lesson plan. Undoubtably at some point we will mess up and take less than we should and when get come back Home and review that incarnation and realize we didn’t evolve at all, we learn better assess the needs of the next incarnation. Not really a problem, we have eternity.

Another reason for properly assessing how much soul energy to take on an incarnation is as we mature and spiritually evolve, if we only take, let’s say 45%, then we can use the other 45% for learning, teaching, or experimenting and in multiple ways continue to spiritually evolve.  

It is possible our soul can be in an incarnation in a different reality in a different dimension. A thought to ponder.

More Physiology about incarnations. As we create and then dissipate karma (mostly through incarnations) and involve emotions and learning to evolve, we have embedded in and near the human body, a subtle body which is a photonic network energy system of chakras (distribution Centers) and nadis (pathways) to assist us. According to Dr. Emit Ray 114 chakras and 72,000 nadis. There are seven principle chakras in the body and at least two directly above our head that deal communicate with the Spirit realm. And there four (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) that have a lot of direct interaction with the incarnated soul. The dominate chakras are from Top to Bottom: 7) the Crown chakra which is the command center and director; 6) the Third-Eye chakra which is energy connected to the soul / pineal gland and top of spine; 5) Throat chakra; 4) Heart chakra; 3) Solar Plexus chakra; 2) Sacral chakra; and 1) Root chakra. All except the Crown are connected to the spine, but all are connected energetically by nadis. How the soul and the subtle body interact completely is still under discussion between West and East Spiritual Philosophies.

Later on, after a few incarnations, as we mature, we will be given a choice of usually three bodies (baby), what they will be like as they mature. We will negotiate and contract with the Mother, Father, and other family members and other close relatives. Not an easy task. Our and other’s FREE WILL now take center stage. Many souls are affected. All our guides will advise us and literally GUIDE us, but the ultimate choices will be ours. We have free will. The results and consequences also belong to us.

Let’s take a break and discuss another taboo subject – Abortion. Sometimes the soul of the mother needs to experience the pain of losing a child, or maybe the soul needs the experience of not actually reaching birth but being aborted prior to birth, or just needs to understand and experience the transition from spirit to preparing to re-incarnate. Nine times, or even greater probability, the mother soul and the baby soul have preplanned what the scenario will be and at the soul level everyone involved will be aware of what is to take place. There is always free will. So, if the mother chooses to abort without the baby soul’s consent then the entire lesson plan is now a completely different set of experiences for everyone involved. But most likely everything was played out in the “Ring of Destiny” prior to the reincarnation of everyone involved. If the abortion is prior to the 17th week most likely the baby soul will not even enter the fetus but just be with the mother soul in photonic energy form and console the mother during the tragic set of events. Unless the baby soul needs the experience of a partial transition from photon energy spirit to energy matter.

Back to a normal incarnation experience. Assuming we enter the fetus near the 17th week. We must be very gentle as we nestle into the pineal gland and turn some of our photon energy into matter and begin to integrate with the fetus. We introduce ourselves to the brain and begin the arduous task of the teaching the true purpose of life – becoming the best friend, the Golden Rule, and Unconditional Love.

We still have all our knowledge and memories and understand that Source created the genesis or evolution of the fetus and now more than ever WE ARE THAT WE ARE. We are to truly become as one for as long as the human will live in this lifetime. But also remember that as the photonic vibrational energy of a soul, we are immortal and eternal. It is not unusual initially that the human brain will not agree with what we want to do. It does have a mind of its own. It also has free will and a great deal of DNA memories to call on about what our life should be. This at odds struggle could go on for quite some time. But hopefully our visits in the “Ring of Destiny” we were previewed of expectations. We know our mother’s soul and father’s soul very well and our photonic energy can go in and out of the fetus at will and will usually do so. We can interact with whoever we want at least till birth and even after if we are confident enough to do so. But at birth we alter our life.

Most of us will slowly start a memory block of our life prior to entering the fetus for good reason. We want a clean slate for our lesson plan and to fully experience the emotions and experiences we planned out for ourselves and to understand the power of free will. As well we don’t want confusion of what may have been bad experiences and deaths in previous lives. This memory block is gradual and usually isn’t complete till we are about six years old. There are some more mature and evolved souls who choose to not partially or even at all block their memories and even keep a channel open to communicate (telepathically, of course) with the spirit realm and can even recall their past lives.

Another new beginning!

For most of us, we have not a clue of “what’s up?” We don’t know who or even what we are. If we have any past memory, it sure wasn’t like this. Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Something tells me (DNA probably) it’s bigger than me, I should listen up. My world is no more than about twenty feet in one direction. And I could have sworn once, all I had to do was think something and who I was gibberishing with knew what I was saying, and these loud noises don’t mean anything. All I understand are emotions.

Hopefully, I am a normal soul embedded in a normal human baby and everything is going as planned in the Ring of Destiny. Assuming I set up the normal memory block, so it is square one. I quickly learn loud, angry, soft, cooing voices, and at a minimum the feeling of warmth When Mom or Dad come close, talk to me or pick me up. That will trigger a memory of where I came from and the only emotion that exists. Unconditional Love. By age one I can stand and can usually say, “mama” and “dada” and learned NO a few months ago.

Let’s digress a bit back to when we chose how much memory block we will have for an incarnation. When we are young souls Guides will strongly suggest that we will have 100% or close to that blockage as well as take up to 90% of our soul energy. Following that advice will give us the best opportunity to experience all emotions and allow our pure soul / spirit energy to instinctively work with our Human brain and decide the best path to turn the emotions into some form of love – maybe even unconditional love.

Initially, or near the end of earthly reincarnations we may block all our eternal memories. When young, this maximizes the learning and the least confusion of any past incarnation experiences. If we are near the end of incarnations on earth this may be like a test. We must work closely with the human brain, reach congruence and instinctively know what is positive energy and turn all emotions into degrees of unconditional love. From beginning to end of earthly incarnations, delete hate, always forgive, live in the ‘Golden Rule’ and work on becoming Unconditional Love.

In the throes of emotion, remembering “WE ARE THAT WE ARE” is the hardest, everything and everyone is part of The One Consciousness. Constantly looking inside our soul and realizing GOD is love and we are part of The One and The One is part of us and everything that is.

A personal story:  My Mother is quite evolved. Before she transitioned I took her with me to a few Medium readings, only those with clairvoyant capabilities. Each time they would assess each of us and when they got to my Mother they would stop observe her aura and invariably quiet themselves and ask, “Why are you here?” The first time, she was confused and said, “Because my son asked me to.” The psychic then said, “No, why are you HERE – I see a gold-white aura all around you.” My Mother stated simply, “I came to watch over my kids and those I love.” She knew some of us were taking on a bigger chunk of lessons than we should.

I was lucky and allowed her to heavily guide me, in life and after she transitioned. (I completely blocked my eternal memories.) Plus, I have relied on many Mediums, my Guides, and many, many spiritual books. The influence of Dr Michael Newton’s first two books are my primary study guides and helped me to understand we are immortal spirit / souls for eternity.

Before I matured in this incarnation, I certainly experienced the complete array of emotions. Growing up in a mixed neighborhood I quickly learned about prejudice but also learned about racial equality and tolerance. The lesson of turning hate into love. I was chased, and caught, by a “gang” in my teen years and because it impacted and influenced the rest of my life, the hate was intense. It took decades before I learned forgiveness. Poor and a high-school dropout not disabled but not athletically superior I learned all about envy. Rather than discouragement my charter became overcoming the negatives, becoming goal oriented and determination. My point is, rather having the benefit of eternal memories or not we have free will and should instinctively think positive and look inside and let our soul guide us. After all, we are part of The One and that part of us is in fact perfect.

So, in general, determining how much eternal memory to bring into an incarnation is quite difficult.  How much do we want to learn and conquer the lesson plan, or do we just want to play but not be bothered with all the mistakes of previous incarnations? Do we want to be reminded of some the horrible deaths we experienced or even not realize we are in fact eternally immortal.

There are some quite evolved souls nearing the end or having reached the end of earth incarnations that choose to come in to an incarnation to teach, guide, or at least enlighten other souls. They have Clair senses. The four principle psychic abilities are seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing. They usually have contracts and a lesson plan as well but are often in training to be counselors or teachers in the Spirit realm. They must be mature enough to deal with their own eternal akashic record and may or may not be allowed to view or visit their future.

Keep in mind, we may be involved in an earth movie in a certain earth time frame but when we are Home in the Spirit realm it is in the NOW. Before coming into this incarnation, we laid out our action and lesson plan and tested it in the Ring of Destiny. Quite possibly future incarnations have already occurred in a future earth timeframe movie or even a future incarnation in a different galaxy, realm, or universe.



NOTE: As we mature and evolve our free will becomes paramount. Our soul is never absolutely told to do anything. We are responsible for our existence, actions and evolvement. Source, Guides, Masters, do not judge us, we judge and evaluate ourselves. However, if we make poor choices, we will be advised and that effects our evolving and only by evolving can we eventually join the One Consciousness and conjunct with the One. But from before birth, birth and through eternity we are part of Source.



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