I Believe . . .

A Continuation of LBL and Incarnation Theory

Source (GOD) is an infinite source of energy  (Unconditional Love +) and created or directed the creation of ALL in this and other universes including protoplasm and tectonics. GOD is I AM THAT I AM, and you are I AM. We are part of GOD and GOD is part of us and lives within us. It is our true being. It is our real nature, our real self and nobody else.  That is our real identity, the Presence of God in us, the Indwelling Christ.


I believe – Souls, mine included, were sparked from The Creator’s energy pool, innocent, immature, undisciplined, and inexperienced – but capable of intelligent growth. The sole purpose of our soul’s eternal existence is to learn Unconditional Love and integrate back to the source of The Creator but still maintain a separate identity and resonate in perfect harmony with The Creator and all other souls. An Axiom I believe is fundamental yet paramount to growing and developing our eternal souls is the Law of Reciprocity, sometimes referred to as The Golden Rule. Practicing this axiom without reservation is almost impossible at this level of development – many obstacles prevent us from unconditional use. If we could master this axiom we would not return to this Plane of existence.

I believe – This journey of learning, experiencing, accepting, and becoming our purpose of Unconditional  Love is impossible to parameterize or characterize because it cannot be defined on this Plane. BUT it is chronicled or journalized in each Eternal Soul’s Akashic record.  Our journeys, experiences, lessons, and growth progress is documented and reviewed. We are not condemned or judged and we are our own critic. We know if we have achieved progress or learned from an experience. If free will caused us to make bad decisions on this plane we will simply experience the lesson and self training from a different perspective next incarnation here or elsewhere. This does NOT equate directly to certain beliefs of karma as I do not believe we must be punished or experience revenge for making a bad free will decision.  We must be able to empathize if we violated the Law of Reciprocity so we must experience a similar action we perpetrated. We do not build a vault of positive or negative actions and reactions – we simply grow until all of our actions are productions of Unconditional Love.  

I believe – That on this Physical Earth plane, which I sometimes refer to as a “movie” we are taxed with a range of “Human Feelings”. Experiencing these emotions during our visits to this plane gradually allow us to move closer to understanding Love. Love is the concentric for emotion. All other feelings exist only on this or a similar physical plane. Each time we return Home the only emotion that still exists is Love and we review what we have learned about Love. 

I believe – There are millions of stars. Each star is a compound of one or more suns. These suns have multiple planets orbiting them to create solar systems.  There can be an almost infinite amount of different parameters to define a specific ecology of a planet. “Life” similar to Physical Earth exists on an indefinable number of those ecologies. In addition, Life can be incarnated by a soul into the physical entities of these ecologies similar to an incarnation of an Eternal Soul into a physical being on this Physical Earth. It all exists to bring us to understand Love.

I believe – We cannot understand Unconditional Love while incarnated in a physical being on any physical plane. We can only grow our knowledge of Love. As we ascend back to our Home we let loose all the “human” or physical feelings of any incarnation and the residual emotion – Love, is all that remains.

I believe – An Eternal Soul pre-defines the expected major events of an incarnation into a physical entity. The timing of permanent melding, which mayhappen shortly after the physical compound becomes an entity, usually transpires over a period of time and reasonably close to the physical being’s “birth” and commencement of individuality. For Physical Earth this implies  my Eternal Soul joins the physical entity I will be with in this incarnation shortly before birth and will separate and join many times until birth and maybe a few times after birth. We must learn to co-exist together and become as one.  

I believe – Free will and natural diversion from the original process can cause the mating of the eternal soul and the physical entity to NOT be as expected which could lead to a much different incarnation than originally planned by the Eternal Soul.  If conflict and control between the brain of the physical and the Eternal Soul happens, quite possibly none of the preplanned events will happen and the soul’s lessons will be an entirely different set of experiences.

I believe – A great many major events are preplanned when we are Home and we pre-decide how souls will meet each other and what our intentions are. We grow and school at Home with a large number of souls that range from extremely influential to occasionally influential both at Home and during an incarnation.

I believe – Our Eternal Memories are gradually blocked from us starting at permanent incarnation and suppressed completely before age six of Physical Linear Years. Some souls are capable through Hypnotic Regression to un-suppress some of those memories and gain insight into a specific incarnation. Our memories are suppressed so as not to unduly influence the experience of an incarnation.  Free will still exists and as a result an event we may have set-up at Home may not happen at all because of a different decision made at the time and as a result we may have an almost indefinite set of different experiences.

I believe – What is often called the super-conscious is actually the pureness of our Eternal Soul and when we are hypnotized we can suppress the barriers between our consciousness and our eternal soul and that is how we can gain insight into an incarnation, revisit eternal memories, and get a better understanding of Home and Eternity. However I also believe that if it is NOT in our best interests and may disable learning, we will not be able to gain that access. Hypnosis can help Psychologists to help us to help ourselves understand certain mental disabilities.

I believe – There are a number of Eternal Souls whose veil of barriers to para-psychic abilities are minimized and with concentration, can gain access to the plane of insight of Eternity. These Souls can control access and “see” events and feelings that most Souls do not have sufficient concentration or meditation to break through the barriers.  Sometimes it is a simple lack of focus and sometimes we are not supposed to have that visibility. These psychic souls are usually of benefit to the rest of us.

I believe – Religion was born by physical entities and probably exists in many other Physical Ecologies. For the Physical Earth ecology, religions were founded by the followers of a specific Master. With one possible exception none of the Masters declared themselves to be a religion. The Masters simply wandered the land with lessons of love. They displayed examples of love and either created conditions of love or taught parables of love. One Master, which leaves him suspect, taught love but also advocated violence if his path was threatened.  The followers of the Masters created the Religion of each Master and injected writings as means of inducing and commanding a following.  Religion is required by many physical entities to build coalitions of consensus, reinforce their beliefs, and unfortunately worst of all to influence, control and gain power over a following.  All of these emotions are “human feelings” which we are supposed to observe, understand and then realize that they have nothing to do with Love.

I believe – If a physical entity is hypnotically regressed and escapes the veil allowing them to converse with their Eternal Soul they will inevitably see past the pettiness of the by-laws of a physical religion and be exposed to the raw lessons of why we exist and that ALL the masters taught and exampled the meaning of Love. A person may even visit with a Master while under hypnosis, but most likely it will be one of their “Guides” who will advise them and expose them to a little bit of their own expected journeys of this incarnation.

I believe – The core teaching of all the Masters advocated the Law of Reciprocity (Golden Rule) and used it to teach Love and gain further insight to Unconditional Love. The following examples of the Law of Reciprocity show that all the Masters reinforced the Law.

Buddhism – Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. – The Buddha, Udana-Varga 5.1
Christianity – In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets. –  Jesus, Matthew 7:12
Hinduism – This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you. – Mahabharata 5:1517
Islam – Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself. – The Prophet Muhammad, 13th of the 40 Hadiths of Nawawi
Judaism – What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbour. This is the whole Torah; all the rest is commentary. Go and learn it. – Hillel, Talmud, Shabbath 31a
At least 22 other Religions, Philosophers, MoralSystems have similar statements in their writings!!
Within the Holy Books of many religions, there are passages which contradict their own Ethic of Reciprocity. This usually happens when non-believers of their religion are discussed.

This common Law transcends all and I firmly believe any contradictions or clauses of Religious uniqueness were added by followers and not the Masters and for the reason to gain strength of their Religion or create their unique following.

I believe – That the Master called Jesus of Nazareth chose to come to this Physical Earth and wanted to impart on us teachings of Love. I have no clue why he chose the linear earth time he did – That particular linear sequence of events of the Movie, “Physical Earth” – or why he chose the gender that he did.  It was only a few thousand Earth Linear Years before – that the female gender was considered the more knowledgeable and powerful. Jesus’s evolvement is so far beyond mine it would not be possible for me to comprehend his choices. Probably because I was raised as a Christian and am not as familiar with the other Masters, I believe Jesus was the greatest and most evolved Master to incarnate on Physical Earth and if his teachings has been less evolved and translated, they would be more pure than some of the other Masters.

I believe – The Teaching of the “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” more closely translates to “The Creator, The Physical Entity, and The Eternal Soul”. The particle Physical Entity, Jesus, was incredibly evolved and his Eternal Soul is closer to The Creator than most if not all. I also believe Jesus kept his eternal memories and his Eternal Soul was always aware and in control of his physical consciousness. Because he knew of Eternity, but his teachings to his followers had to be taken on their faith, the first generation writings of his teaching may have been over-emphatic.


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