LBL Theory


There exists a composite energy that is larger than the physical universes and dimensions as we know them and that it is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. I call this energy The Creator or The Source. All energy, matter, physical or non-physical was directly or indirectly “sparked” from The Creator energy Source. Consider this, Source is an infinite blanket of Unconditional Love and the cosmos, and all matter including us are the threads of the blanket.


There is a quote in Exodus, (3:14), of all Christian Bibles – “I AM THAT I AM” – or – “I AM WHO I AM”. This was delivered to Moses around 1400BC. People then did not understand that the true wording should have been “WE ARE”. Think of a plasma of Unconditional Love energy that encompasses ALL everywhere and includes even you and me. We and everything else are part of Source / GOD and Source is a part of everything and us. Whenever you meditate, you don’t have far to go, Source is always a part of you.


The most important reason for a human or similar species existence is to experience and learn  Unconditional Love and the principle of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, The law of reciprocity. We are immortal so we have eternity to fully learn and understand it. Less sentient matter and life are sparked or created innocent and know only Unconditional love or fear. Look in a dogs eye (that you raised) and what looks back at you is Unconditional Love.  


Religions, spiritually focused entities, and others may refer to this Infinite Energy as GOD, El, Allah, Theos, Deus, or some equivalent aspiration of a Deity. They tend to consider God / Source as a separate entity, Source is not separate, not male or female, does not live in a separate dimension, or universe. Source is a part of us and always with us. “And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20). Both here and in the spirit world.


I might add at this point, Source or any other highly evolved being does not judge us, that is our responsibility.  Source is a part of us and if we don’t conform to and become Unconditional Love ourselves, or we hurt someone else, we inherently know it. And all reviews, upon returning Home from an incarnation, or in counsel with Elders or Guides, we will be shown if we negatively impacted someone else and asked, “What is our solution”.


This energy is a composite that can accurately be defined similar to “The Force” in Star Wars . The physics definition of energy is, “the capacity to do work or produce change” and the Law of Energy Conservation says energy may only be changed, never created or destroyed. In keeping with physics, is an electrical definition: energy is an orthogonal electro-magnetic envelope with a set of frequency and amplitude characteristics. This can easily be construed to be a vibrational but unmeasurable mass in or out of this Plane of existence. Such as the vibrational Photon energy that we are.


All energy, matter, physical or non-physical was directly or indirectly “sparked”, or “separated” from The Creator energy Source, each have souls. Some of these sparked energies are evolved into Sentient capable Souls. My own evolution is still so immature that I cannot define or determine what the criteria is for a specific energy compound to have a sentient soul such as ours but we, in fact do.


Human and some alien to human species that exist or have existed in this several billion year “Movie and Plane” called Physical Earth, are capable of have souls.  And we have incarnated ourselves into this continuous series of parallel events and stories called Physical Earth anywhere from one to an unlimited amount of instances over a period of many tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Physical Earth linear time years.


  • Be introduced to spirit dimension and assigned to a soul group
  • Orientation – Basic training
  • When ready incarnated on a world more mental than physical
  • Resume school
  • Start evolvement from innocence toward Master – Aura vibration similar to rainbow – red-pink -> purple
  • Soul evolvement: Beginner – intermediate – advanced – Lord – Counselor – Master – Ascended Master
  • Only strong souls incarnate to Earth (or similar) – a harsh physical planet
  • Life Selection for an incarnation
  • Choosing a Body
  • Preparation for embarkation
  • Incarnate – Birth (and re-incarnate / re-birth) –
  • Experience – physical life – learn emotions – have fun – (Can enhance evolvement while incarnated)
  • Death of physical body and Departure from body
  • Meet with Spirit Guides / Friends and be guided to “the Light” – Gateway to Spirit Dimension
  • Homecoming – re-join Soul Group – Continue learning – Intermediate and Above teach plus continue classes
  • In between incarnations train for many different careers – aiding souls evolving or science or creating
  • Advanced souls no longer incarnate after evolving to Lord and further evolved
  • When no longer incarnate – continue to evolve and eventually co-join the Unconditional Love of I AM that I AM

The Reincarnation Cycle


We zip around in the spirit realm, we are having a wonderful loving time. We play, interact, love and thoroughly enjoy this life. We go to school to learn about various topics, but we seem to be static and not really evolving and growing closer to Source. So asking our Guide, “Why is it so slow to evolve??  Others seem to be evolving faster.”

Our Guide enlightens us, “You must not only learn about all the emotions, actions, and vibrations but you must experience them to realize that you can move past them and envelope yourself in Unconditional Love and become totally immersed in the plasma of Source and yourself and become part of the One Consciousness.” Thus the experience of the emotions of reincarnation starts your journey to evolvement.

Incarnation into a human is quite challenging and many factors must be considered. First is pick, discuss, and plan who should we go with. Probably Mom and Dad but they too must agree and what will each of us experience and learn. Quite possibly siblings, too. And again what will each of us learn. Friends, mates, and even children may be from close by soul groups, but reasons and lessons have to be worked out. Everything is worked out and simulated in many meetings. Then contracts are acknowledged and agreed on. Finally we will go to the “Ring of Destiny” or “Holographic Center” (Remember Star Trek) and we will experience some of what we will encounter during our incarnation. We will be given signals, déjà vu, or intuitions of when we will meet everyone.

A very important decision has to be made prior to leaving our Spirit Home and commence an incarnation. We can partition ourselves and separate the percentage of our soul to stay at Home and what percentage to successfully undertake an incarnation. A young soul may take 90% of itself to assure a good incarnation. Where as a very mature soul may only take 25% of its self and have multi-missions in progress. Once we are in the human we will further separate our mission. We always leave at least 10% of ourselves at Home and may only rest when a very large percentage is engaged in other activities. 

There is a later discussion of our life in the womb, perfect or troubled pregnancy and birth or even abortion. Two keys – many meetings and discussions of the birthing experience beforehand and we keep our eternal memories until birth. At birth we will have previously decided while in the spirit realm how much if any of our eternal memories we will keep and the decay – instant, up to six years, or partial thru our lifetime. Most common is a gradual decay over the first four to six years. They are still with us but usually only a skilled hypnotherapist can help us recall them.

Some learning keys that often take many, many lifetimes. If we lust after the rigor, excitement, and harrowing experiences of physical life, or we are terribly ignorant, it may take thousands of incarnations to get it out of our systems and finally realize that unconditional love and the Golden Rule (The law of Reciprocity) is what Source is really about and real evolvement.

Experience many, many emotions but understand they are just that, emotions. Learn to evaluate them and remember: Source (God) is Love, Source is part of us as we are part of Source and only through love can we achieve evolvement. It is important to remember that as souls we are sexless, androgynous, we may prefer, in the spirit world, to appear and even conduct ourselves as one sex or the other but in reality we as Source, are androgynous. When we incarnate though, we pick a sex for that life. And by the way the body we choose we know ahead of time if we will be homosexual or not. It is possible to make a free will decision, after being born, but not likely. During our many incarnations we must be both men and women. We usually prefer one over the other but must partake of the challenges of both as really, “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars”. Estrogen / Progesterone versus Testosterone; sensitivity versus aggression. In a way like college, major versus well rounded courses.  This includes religion. Over the course of multiple lives we learn about religion and only near the end of each life does Spirituality become a focus.

That brings us to relationships. I can’t repeat enough, the core or total of eternal, immortal life is Unconditional Love and the Golden Rule. I am considered to be a “Mature” soul at this point but I am still working on the Golden Rule. It is easy to treat others as you want to be treated, but I had a bad habit of treating others as they treated me. Unh Uh! Regardless how someone treats us and even if it doesn’t feel right, treat them back with love and respect. Just plain love can be the unconditional kind not the romantic kind. We are all part of the One. I’m still working on it – at 77.

We have hundreds of events / relationships in a lifetime. From long term relationships to a onetime event. The negative ones are where we have the opportunity to learn the most. Loving relationships are important but they are reminders of Home in the spirit realm. Learning events are when we need to analyze the emotions then forgive the negativity and change the emotion to positive interactions. I had an event happen to me at 13 and it changed my life in this incarnation. It took me 40 years to fully forgive and I still don’t know why. But I hope he worked through the karma and is happy in the spirit realm.

We need to totally forgive any negativity and wish for only unconditional love. If we can’t resolve the emotional event or relationship and turn it into unconditional love then we will experience a similar one in a future incarnation.

One of the hardest things to reconcile without our eternal memories is to continue to generate our self worth. We must always reinforce our self worth and understand we are in fact perfect but just undergoing a series of tests to experience and learn.

As our physical life moves through the years religion plays a part. Our parent(s) will usually either be dominant in a particular religion or indulge us to a generic religion of one of the five major religions of Earth. The core of what the Masters taught was love, peace, and the golden rule. But the followers had to command a following so they invented Hell to keep us in line. This was all good till about age 17 or so. Then religion begin to take a back seat and sometimes we forgot about it until our 30’s. If we married and had children then one way or another we would introduce them to love and the golden rule. Somewhere in midlife reality and the fact that the human is physically mortal sets in. We are going to die someday, what then. Most of us have our soul memories blocked and don’t realize we will simply exit through the Crown Chakra and head Home.

It takes a tremendous overhaul to re-arrange our thought process and realize that the human is mortal but we, as souls are immortal and live to eternity. So we start investigating and the deeper we go the more spiritual, not religious, we become and understand what is meant by The One, Source, EVERYTHING is part of the Unconditional Love plasma that is all universes and domains.

So, in this incarnation, now we grow old, if we lived a normal incarnation, and it is time to truly reflect. We read up on spirituality and realize that our soul (we) probably are immortal and maybe we wrote a lesson plan but our memory is still blocked so we don’t really know if we accomplished anything and if this just one of a thousand times we will reincarnate.

Unless we are physic, clairvoyant, or been through hypnotherapy, at the end we still are not sure what is going to happen. If we have been sick for some time, occasionally relatives who have already transitioned may gently reach out and assure us that all will be well.   When, or just before, heart and breath stops we seem to know and we exit quickly thru the crown chakra. We may stay for just a moment till the human’s “lights go out”.  Almost always a guide, relative, or good friend is there waiting and envelops us in love and says, “Let’s go to the light and go Home.”

If at death we still believe in Hell and we belong there, we will create a Hell and temporarily stay in the fourth Domain. But soon a rescuer will convince us to go to the light. The other rare deviation is if a soul believes they have “unfinished business” in the physical realm they may stay awhile, again until a rescuer comes and convinces them to come into the light.

As soon as we transition all time is now and we are no longer on earth’s time clock. In a normal transition someone will be waiting and we will be filled with love. We may or not feel like going through a tunnel towards the light. In reality we are moving faster than the speed of light so temporarily it will probably will a little darker. Then we are bathed in the most gorgeous feeling of love and beauty and WE ARE ONCE MORE HOME. The memories are flooding back and we realize we are part of The One.

Depending on how rough a physical life we experienced and importance we may immediately have our life review or we may go immediately to rest. As soon as we reach the light we start shedding the physical domain energies and continue to shed layers of negative energies while we are resting and rejuvenating. Depending on how much negativity we generated during this physical incarnation will also determine how much rest and how much energy restoration is required to return us to the perfect beings that we all are in a normal state in the spirit realm.


NOTE: As we mature and evolve our free will becomes paramount.  Our soul is never absolutely told to do anything. We are responsible for our existence, actions and evolvement. Source, Guides, Masters, do not judge us, we judge and evaluate ourselves. However, if we make poor choices, we will be advised and that effects our evolving and only by evolving can we eventually join the One Consciousness and conjunct with the One. But from before birth, birth and through eternity we are part of Source.



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